Nuevos productos y novedades de nuestras representadas.

News and new products.
Novidades e novos produtos.

 DSEI 2013 London 10-13 Septiembre

Spantech asistirá a la feria junto con algunas de nuestras representadas.
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BSC filters Booth # N7-200
Steatite Qpar Booth #S10-158
TODs Booth # S5196 / S5197
IBC 2013 Amsterdam 12-17 septiembre

Spantech asistirá a la feria junto con algunas de nuestras representadas.
Si vas a visitar la Exhibición, no dudes en contactar con nosotros.

MITEQ Inc./MCL Inc. Stand 1.A18
Elite Antennas Ltd Stand 5.B15b
Surface Heating Systems Stand 1.F59
IBC 2013

MITEQUltra-Wideband Doubler with Integrated Switch Filter Bank

MITEQ’s new Model SYS2H1324N01X microwave doubler is ideally suited for local oscillator drive into wideband microwave mixers. This doubler utilizes three internally switchable bands: 13.9 to 16.9, 16.9 to 20.5, and 20.5 to 24.9 GHz. Internal high rejection filters allow for 60 dBc suppression of input related harmonics with respect to the output utilizing the potential of a high dynamic range mixer. The 13 dBm minimum output power is sufficient for driving most microwave mixers. This model also incorporates an internal voltage sequencing circuit to prevent damage from loss of negative voltage or improper sequencing. This compact (2 x 4 x .8") unit is designed to operate in most commercial and military environment.
IMS 2013 del 2 al 7 de Junio
Spantech asistirá a la feria junto con a
lgunas de nuestras representadas.
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BSC filters #710 IMS #2508 Pole Zero #711
Diamond Antennas #2709 JFW Industries #2202 TriQuint #530
Dielectric Laboratories #704 K&L Microwave #705 TRU Corporation #512
Dow-Key Microwave #715 MITEQ #504 Wenzel Associates #745
Flann Microwave #2602 Printech #1511 Werlatone #2312
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MITEQNew High Reliability Fiber Optic Transmitter

new high reliability Fiber Optic Transmitter BW 6 GHz. HRT-50K6G-28-20-M14 has a NF of 12 dB and is available in three different optical wavelengths (1550, 1490, 1310 nm). -40 to +85°C. With MITEQ’s fiber optic receivers it is possible to have a complete fiber optic link that is sealed from the environment and has a spurious free dynamic range of 103 dB/Hz and operating bandwidths up to 20 GHz.


WORLD ATM Congress 2013: Madrid 12-14 Febrero.

Spantech asistirá al World ATM 2013: Si vas a visitar la Exhibición,
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Diamond Stand 1201
Go to webFlann Microwave

Leaders in the design and manufacture of precision waveguide components, microwave components, antennas and assemblies. International reputation for high-performance, high-quality waveguide microwave components from 1 to 500 GHz.

Werlaton Web PageHigh power combiners, dividers and couplers

Werlatone is a leading supplier of high power, broadband RF coaxial components including: High Power (Uni, Dual, Bi) Coaxial Directional Couplers, 90 Degree Hybrid Couplers, High Power Coaxial RF Combiners / Dividers, and 180 Degree Hybrid RF Combiners / Dividers. Werlatone's dedication to the highest quality and on-time delivery places them among the most respected suppliers in the RF component industry.


MITEQ Weatherproof Ka-Band Low Noise Amplifier

MITEQ Inc. introduces a high-performance waveguide LNAs. The Model AMFW-7F-17702130-120-23P-WP is a very low noise, high dynamic range weatherproof Ka-band front end, operating 17.7 to 21.3 GHz.


Go to webFlann Microwave: Calibration Kits

Flann has three grades of calibration kits and components available that enable VNA users to select the most suitable for the analyzer type and measurement requirement. Various manufacturing techniques are employed selected according to waveguide size, required accuracy and cost. For the highest performance optically worked components are assembled by adopting critical procedures which yield optimum accuracy as in some Metrology Platinum kits.

Calibration kit