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Visítanos en nuestro stand # 3F03A en el Broadcast 2011 del 25 al 28 de octubre. Contaremos con la asistencia de Chris Alfenito de SATCOM de MITEQ los días 25 y 26. Si necesitas invitación, no dudes en contactar con nosotros.
IFEMA del 25 al 28 de Octubre

European Microwave 2011 del 11 al 13 de octubre
Spantech asistirá al EuMW 2011 en Manchester.
Si vas a visitar la Exhibición, no dudes en contactar con nosotros.

MITEQ Stand #618 Triquint Stand #323 K&L Microwave Stand #235
Q-par Stand #243 JFW Industries Stand #225 Voltronics Stand #235
BSC Filters Stand #235 Dow-Key Stand #235 Syfer Stand #235
Dielectric Lab. Stand #235   Pole Zero Stand #235
Manchester del 11 al 13 de octubre
Waterproof RF connectors and adaptors

Intelliconnect have developed their unique internal sealing system adapted into virtually its entire range of RF connectors, tested to 10 m in an unmated condition for a duration of four hours and highly effective and reliable in marine conditions in terms of mechanical and electrical performance. Additionally, custom designs can be manufactured.

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Royal visit to Sevilla

Spantech was honoured to be invited to the reception for HRH Prince Charles in the Reales Alcazares in Sevilla. Michael Chadwick represented the company and met the Prince along with others involved in Spain/UK trade, representatives of the Spanish armed forces, ambassadors and consuls.

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SYFER WEBFlexiCap™ polymer termination material

Flexicap has been developed to absorb greater levels of mechanical stress reducing capacitor failures associated with mechanical cracking. Boards can be bent almost twice as much before mechanical cracking occurs and MLCCs can withstand temperature cycling -55ºC to 125ºC in excess of 1.000 times.

SATELLITE 2011 del 15 al 17 de marzo

Spantech asistirá al Satellite 2011 en Washington D.C.
Si vas a visitar la Exhibición, no dudes en contactar con nosotros.

BSC Filters Stand #992 I.F. Engineering Stand #489
CrossPoint Tech. Stand #489 JFW Industries Stand #1214
Diamond Antennas Stand #1718 MITEQ Inc. Stand #517
Dow-Key Microwave Stand #1304 Sector Microwave Stand #689

Satellite 2011

MITEQTriple-Balanced Mixer

MITEQ’s Model TBR0058LA3 is a wideband triple-balanced mixer which utilizes a dual quad circuit to provide performance in overlapping RF and IF frequency ranges. This device has an RF and LO of 500 to 8000 MHz and an IF response of 50 to 3000 MHz. This product is well suited for military and commercial applications and is also available in higher-level diode options for increased 1 dB compression and third order intercept.

Novedades : Productos SATCOM de MITEQ

Ahora Spantech representa también los productos SATCOM de
L3 Narda-MITEQ.

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