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AA-MCS webAA-MCS: 150W PIN switch SPDT 400MHz-4GHz

Designed and manufactured in Europe

AA-MCS designs and produces broadband switches on range DC-18GHz, for power up to 150W CW. AA-MCS offers standard products and is able to modify them to meet your electrical / mechanical requirements and delivery schedules.

IBC 2012

EuMW 2012 Amsterdam 28 oct.-2 nov.

Algunas de nuestras representadas estarán presentes.
Si vas a visitar la Exhibición, no dudes en contactar con nosotros.

MITEQ Stand #227 Triquint Stand #311 AA-MCS Stand #507
Q-par Stand #308 Novacap Stand #113 K&L Microwave Stand #113
BSC Filters Stand #113 Dow-Key Stand #235 Voltronics Stand #235
Dielectric Lab. Stand #113 Pole Zero Stand #113 Syfer Stand #113
IB 2010
IBC 2012 Amsterdam 6-11 Septiembre

Spantech asistirá al IBC 2012: Si vas a visitar la Exhibición,
no dudes en contactar con nosotros.

MITEQ Inc./MCL Inc. Stand 1.A18
Elite Antennas Ltd Stand 1.F59
Surface Heating Systems Stand 1.F59

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Stand 1.A18

Spantech asistirá al IMS2012

Si vas a asistir a esta exhibición, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros para concertar una cita con algunas de nuestras representadas que estarán presentes en la exhibición:

BSC filters #1400 IMS #2310 Triquint #1909
Carlisle Interconnect #715 HXI #500 TRU Corporation #924
Diamond Antennas #2345 JFW Industries #2019 Voltronics #1410
Dielectric Laboratories #1404 K&L Microwave #1309 Wenzel Associates #3112
Dow-Key Microwave #1301 MITEQ #1425 Werlatone #2236
  Pole Zero #1402  

Tods Undersea Defence Technology Europe 2012

Tods Defence design and build sonar domes, acoustic windows, acoustic cladding, damping treatments and radomes for submarines and surface ships. Tods is currently embedded in a number of ship build programmes to supply composite stealth structures for the Royal Navy, US Navy, Australian Navy and Indian Navy, Portuguese Navy, German Navy and Spanish Navy.

Stand F34
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3rd International Particle Accelerator Conference and Exhibition
Microwave Amps Ltd
Booth 12
Mega Industries, LLC
Booth 54

SATELLITE 2012 del 12 al 14 de marzo

Spantech asistirá al Satellite 2012 en Washington D.C.
Si vas a visitar la Exhibición, no dudes en contactar con nosotros.
BSC Stand #1721 GATR Stand #1625 MCL Inc. Stand #517
CrossPoint Tech. Stand #693 I.F. Engineering Stand #693 MITEQ Inc. Stand #517
Diamond Antenna Stand #1412 JFW Industries Stand #1225 Sector Microwave Stand #487
Dow - Key Microwave Stand #1717 K& L Stand #1719 SHS Stand #891
  MESL Stand # 998  
MITEQ Weatherproof Ka-Band Low Noise Amplifier

MITEQ Inc. introduces a high-performance waveguide LNAs. The Model AMFW-7F-17702130-120-23P-WP is a very low noise, high dynamic range weatherproof Ka-band front end, operating 17.7 to 21.3 GHz.



Low frequency waveguide from WR5900 to WR90

Mega Industries provides high power, low frequency waveguide and waveguide components in sizes ranging from WR90 through WR2300 and reduced height configurations are available to meet your requirement. Larger sizes are offered through WR5900 upon special request.


IMS: Thermal Management Devices

Rather than address thermal issues using fans with complex circuitry, use an electrically isolated, thermally conductive ceramic chip to move heat efficiently from a problem on a board to an area that can safely dissipate heat. The Therma-Bridge™ is currently being used in numerous applications where a fan or other thermal management techniques are either space prohibitive or active cooling causes a threat to device reliability (in the case of fan failure).